What to wear on a First (Court) Date by Jared Clayton

In life, one of the most difficult decisions a person has to make is what to wear on a first date. We want to make a perfect impression. You want your date to see how great you look without seeming as if you tried to impress them. But what if the first date’s location is a courtroom and your date, a judge.

I used to tell my clients, “Church attire or Sunday’s best.” That is no longer is my mantra. I have learned this definition is not adequate to convey the correct message. I have seen people show up in outfits suitable only for late night street walking or tailgating at the Talladega 500. It is never a good idea to dress as though you are auditioning for a role as a prostitute when you are being charged with prostitution.

If you have an upcoming date at the courthouse, I would suggest the following style and etiquette guide:

  • Wear long pants- plain colors with limited or no patterns, No shorts that were once pants, i.e. Jorts
  • Wear a shirt, preferably with buttons and sleeves- No gang, gun, or marijuana leaf designs
  • Wear shoes- closed toed, no sandals or flip flops- Courtrooms do not have a beach theme day
  • No hats, sunglasses, excessive jewelry
  • No food or drinks- It is a Courtroom not a Cafeteria
  • Leave your cell phone off- There is nothing worse than having a phone ring during a court session; The Judge does not want to hear your latest Kanye ringtone.

Court is a place where you absolutely need to make a good impression. By following this advice, you can assure you will make the right  impression in Texas courts.