Apartment Life – The Landlord by Jared Clayton

I, along with most people, have experienced both a reputable landlord and a dreadful landlord. We should be clear that landlords include individuals, management groups, and leasing agencies. As a tenant, it is important to remember that you are living in a place you do not own. It is not your property. You are not able to do whatever you want simply because you pay monthly rent and have your stuff in the residence. You, as a renter, are obligated (This is NOT an exhaustive list) to keep the home in reasonable repair, notify the landlord of potential problems, damages, or hazards on the property, and avoid illegal activities or ventures based in the rental property. This is a good time to make an important note:

The Lease is your most important document. The lease spells out the rights, duties, and obligations of all parties.

However, the landlord’s authority is not all encompassing and has certain limitations. The landlord has specific duties to protect your rights that we will discuss in the next entry.

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